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The Varying Ways To Administer In Vitro In Oakland CA To Overcome Infertility

The thought of potential fertility problems never crosses the mind of most happy couples looking forward to starting a family. After realizing there might be fertility issues, concerned couples may not know what to do next. Plans should be made to visit a fertility clinic to get diagnosed and assistance in achieving successful conception. A good portion of couples have unexplained infertility, but later start families with advanced medical intervention. Fertility specialists first try to find a clear cause of infertility. If that information is found, The doctor looks for a way to defeat the obstacle. The type of medical treatment received to increase chances of conception are dependent on the reason a couple hasn’t had success getting pregnant naturally.

Nowadays, people are waiting till later to start families. Doctors treat infertility due to advanced age the most. Women over thirty get tested for egg quality. The chances of eggs with chromosome anomalies increases beyond the age of 30. It’s harder for fertilized eggs with chromosome abnormalities to turn into a healthy embryo. Pregnancies with chromosome defects have a much higher rate of miscarriage in the first few weeks. The effect of age on fertility can be calculated by the decade. There’s a 20% chance of pregnancy each month in the 30s. It drops to 5% in the forties. Women of advanced age for pregnancy can have fertility bolstered with ovulation induction, In Vitro in Oakland CA, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and donor egg IVF.

In Vitro in Oakland CA can be done in more than one way. Intracytoplasmic sperm injections assist in fertilizing an egg. This procedure is suitable when it’s seen that sperm has trouble penetrating an egg. This type of treatment is associated with male infertility. Intracytoplasmic injections have a ninety percent success rate. Time is of the essence for fertility treatment in women of advanced age. Fast track IVF curtails the process. There are steps skipped in the preparation stage. The final stage of IVF happens much quicker. Studies have shown there is no significant benefit to receiving medications before the procedure. The success rate is about the same whether medications were taken or not. Couples are treated to completion in a much shorter time frame. The earlier in age a pregnancy happens, the better chances of carrying a baby to term without incident. Contact Laurel Fertility Care for more information.

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