The Key To Having a Good Dog: Obedience Training

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Pets


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Puppies are vivacious, active, and cute – so cute in fact; you are willing to let them get away with almost anything. This is a mistake. Puppies become dogs and, too often, these untrained dogs end up in shelters or worse. To avoid this happening, it is imperative that owners enroll their dogs in obedience training. Chicago experts agree that this is the key to “creating” a good dog.

Holistic Approach

Obedience encompasses a variety of tasks and behaviors. It indicates adhering to specific rules. It also embraces such aspects of training as housebreaking and recall commands. It is all about establishing an understanding between you and your companion animal about acceptable and not acceptable behavior both inside and outside your home. It is about both of you learning to communicate clearly and distinctly without any mistakes, cultivating good habits and creating a positive environment in which the two of you can co-habit successfully and without fear.

The first obedience training course or classes offered by a professional service usually focus on the basics. These include:

  • Leash walking
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Sit
  • Heel

These are essential.

Such courses encourage positive interaction between you and your dog. In Chicago, different approaches include the use of hand signals or “clickers.” Some trainers prefer verbal cues, while others employ a series of whistles.

Obedience Dog Training

Dogs are a responsibility. Training yours to behave appropriately is part of your “contract”. By enrolling in obedience training, you are helping both yourself and your dog establish a strong bond. At the same time, you are helping provide your dog with the tools to be safe from harm and to avoid danger.

To create a harmonious and respectful bond between you and your canine companion, experts suggest undergoing Obedience Training. In Chicago, the Chicago Canine Academy works with dogs of all breeds to ensure positive results. Using breed-specific measures based on positive reinforcement, their team of professionals proudly provides you with the tools to help establish a solid relationship with your dog. For more about their services, visit us.

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