The Different Types of Shoulder Muscle Pain Treatment in Surprise, AZ

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Pain Treatment


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Shoulder Muscle Pain Treatment in Surprise, AZ

Shoulder muscle pain can adversely impact your life and make day-to-day tasks difficult. If you correctly align the spinal column, it can decrease this pain. In addition to realigning the bones of the spine, doctors can address built-up scar tissue. This treatment results in an increased range of motion while decreasing pain. If you are in pain, you could benefit from shoulder muscle pain treatment in Surprise, AZ.

ABC Technique

Advanced biostructural correction technique utilizes new methods of treatment. A typical patient fails to receive benefits from chiropractic procedures for two reasons. First, the bones of their spine are misaligned forwards, so they need to adjust them backward. Second, the body builds scar tissue within the spine, fusing the bones and nervous system.

Spines get stuck in the forward position because there is no muscle capable of correcting it. The existing muscles can only rotate or pull down, which is insufficient. Therefore, this observation explains why some patients experience lackluster results from chiropractors.

This technique addresses scar tissue inside the spine by using meningeal release maneuvers. These full-body stretches release the scar tissue, freeing the spine. Then, the spinal column may continue changing far beyond the initial complaint.

Chiropractic Care

Frozen shoulders occur in three different stages, and it progressively impacts mobility. Using traditional methods, it can take years to heal this condition. However, a chiropractic shoulder adjustment can help to reduce pain and regain movement. Furthermore, it can lessen the need for over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.

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