The Comfort and Benefits of an Open Design During an MRI Scan

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Imaging Centers


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If you’ve been given orders to have an MRI performed, you might be anxious about being inside an enclosed space during the scan. Consider talking to your doctor about going to an open MRI facility so that you can easily get through the scan instead of feeling claustrophobic. Aside from comfort, there are a few other benefits of an open MRI design that you’ll notice as well.

Peace of Mind

When you have an MRI performed using an open machine, you’ll usually have better peace of mind throughout the scan. You’ll be able to better focus on what the technician is saying so that you can get through the scan as quickly as possible. The added comfort that you have and the decreased anxiety offer a way for your doctor to be able to get the necessary images that are needed in order to make a proper diagnosis.

No Enclosures

When you get to the open MRI facility, you’ll see that the machine is open on all of the sides. This is a convenient design for patients who might not be able to move around as easily as others. It’s a better option for those who are obese and aren’t able to comfortably fit inside a traditional MRI machine. Since the sides are open, you can see all of the details in the room, which can often provide added comfort instead of not being able to see your surroundings. The lack of sides also allows for patients with an IV pole to keep the IV line connected instead of disconnecting all of the tubing for the duration of the scan. Children often feel better about an open design as well. It also allows for a parent or a nurse to sit on the table with the child instead of using sedation to calm the nerves of the patient.

An open MRI can give your doctor the images they need while you remain comfortable. Call today to learn more.

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