Do You Suffer from Teeth Grinding?

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Dental Health


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Teeth grinding, along with jaw clenching, is often a result of high levels of stress or anxiety. That means you tend to grind your teeth or clench your jaw whenever you feel upset, anxious or stressed. Sometimes, it can happen while you sleep. That could wear down your teeth over time.

Signs you grind your teeth

If you feel facial pain, often suffer from headaches or earaches, and have stiffness or pain in your temporomandibular joint or in any of the surrounding muscles, then that’s a sign that you suffer from the condition, the NHS says. Don’t dismiss these signs, thinking the problem will go away on its own. Find a dentist or sleep doctor that offers treatment for teeth grinding in Tampa FL.

Do you need a dentist?

If your teeth are already extremely sensitive to the point of pain, then you should head on over to a dentist and ask about available treatments for teeth grinding in Tampa FL area. Also, if there’s pain in your face or ear or if your partner, roommate or housemates tell you that you make grinding sounds in your sleep, then those are all pretty good reasons to seek out help.

How to choose one?

Look for a dentist or sleep doctor with plenty of experience in the field. It wouldn’t hurt to find out how long the practice has been around as well. Be sure to look up comments and reviews about the facility, its doctors and services. That’s going to help you figure out which facility can provide the treatment you need.

What factors affect your condition?

Drinking alcohol can worsen your teeth grinding episodes. Smoking and using recreational drugs as well as drinking too many caffeinated drinks can also lead to increased teeth grinding. To know more about how you can put a stop to these episodes, reach out to a dentist or sleep disorder doctor for help.

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