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How Do Stem Cells Work?

For those living with pain, whether chronic or acute, it is essential to consider treatment options that offer solutions. Stem cells can be that type of treatment for many people. These cells are powerful tools that contain the building blocks that make up the tissues in the body. Understanding how it works and how it can help you is a very important part of improving your quality of life.

Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

Stem cells themselves come from cord tissue from healthy, live births. This tissue provides stem cells, growth factors, and proteins.

How Does It Help?

Within this therapy, it is possible for the stem cells to be extracted from the processed cord blood. Anything that is within the blood and tissues that can cause rejection is removed. That’s what makes this a very safe procedure. Once this pure form of cells is available, we are then able to inject them into a joint or another area that is no longer working the way it should. As soon as the injection takes place, an anti-inflammatory action occurs and begins to work to soothe the pain. The internal science taking place is complex, but what begins to happen is a regeneration of the healthy tissues in this area. The end goal is that the damaged cells are replaced with those that are healthy and thriving.

In many ways, the use of stem cells simply makes sense. It is a natural way to regenerate the body’s damaged cells in a healthy and safe manner. It is not painful, and it does not provide a risk to most patients. Yet, the improvements possible can be very significant. For those interested in finding out how they can help, the first step is to schedule an appointment in Greensboro to learn more about stem cells.

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