Sports Glasses in Adrian, MI Keep Eyes Protected During Aggressive Sporting Events

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Health


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At one time, athletes did not have eyewear that was specifically designed to safeguard their eyes. However, sports-related injuries gave rise to the wearing of sports glasses for protection during athletic events. Today, sports glasses in Adrian, MI and elsewhere are available with non-prescription and prescription lenses. Therefore, just about anyone involved in sports (even Little League) is protecting his or her vision with glasses designed for athletic activities.

Enhancing Athletic Performance

The glasses not only reduce the risk of vision damage but the player’s performance is also enhanced if he or she wears prescription lenses. What’s more, many athletic organizations do not allow their members to participate in sporting events unless they are wearing eye gear.

Fortunately, today, sports goggles are used as often as bike helmets. Wearing the eyewear shows that athletes mean business when they are involved in sports. According to Prevent Blindness America, emergency rooms treat over 40,000 eye injuries yearly that are directly attributed to sports. Even a non-contact sport such as badminton can be injurious to the eyes.

Protect Your Eyes from Moving or Flying Objects

While sports such as tennis and racquetball seem to be harmless for the most part, they do involve play that includes the movement of a ball speeding at a rate of at least 60 miles per hour. In fact, during a typical game, a racquetball can move as fast as 200 miles per hour.

That is why eye care facilities such as Anklin Eye Care feature sports glasses for their clients. In racquetball, for instance, players have the possibility of being struck by either the racquet or the ball. Therefore, eyewear is imperative.

Jabs and Pokes During Sports Play

However, flying objects are not the only sports hazard. Eye injuries can also occur from jabs and pokes from elbows and fingers, especially in close-contact sports. Basketball, for instance, has an extremely high level of injury. So does swimming. Handball and paintball are other sports in which sports glasses are often worn.

Do all you can to protect your vision so you can continue to enjoy sports play. See an optical specialist today or review the selection of this type of eyewear online.

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