Selecting an Intelligence Firm? 4 Mistakes You Might Be Making

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Health Consultant


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If your organization needs information on managed care access organizations, then finding a business intelligence firm you can trust is integral to your operations, says Patient Advocate. Here are some mistakes some companies make, though, that you’ll want to avoid to achieve better understanding and results:

Failure to do a background check

It would be in your best interests to check out the background of an intelligence firm before you put your trust in their reports and analyses. Consider the company’s service life. How many years has it served the industry? Longstanding companies often have an advantage over new ones in this case. By conducting a thorough research of the company’s background, you’re well able to determine if it’s the right one for you or not.

Not checking the validity of the reports

Be sure to check ground realities to ensure the data in your managed care access research is accurate and spot-on. This is one way to tell if the market insights you’ve been receiving have well been worth every dollar you’ve spent or not.

Compromising quality for cost

While it’s ideal to keep company costs low, finding an intelligence firm that charges for a lot less might compromise the validity and credibility of the data. If the firm is offering that service at a too-good a price, then that’s probably the case. Don’t go down that route. Choose companies with a reputation for delivering accurate healthcare insights.

Not knowing the lineup

Some intelligence firms offer products that can help you make better sense of the challenges your organization is facing, especially on issues regarding pharmacy, branding, payer marketing and more. Not thoroughly checking the lineup of products, though, can mean missing out on possible solutions to your problems.

By sidestepping these mistakes, finding and partnering up with an intelligence firm you can trust is now easier.

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