Selecting Fingernail Fungus Treatment in Kenosha WI

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Health


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Fingernail Fungus Treatment in Kenosha WI can range from over-the-counter ointments to prescription medications. The fungus causes the nail to become discolored, split or flake off, or become thick and hard. The area will become irritated, it may itch, and it can be painful. Left untreated, the fungus can lead to the loss of the nail. Most people try over-the-counter remedies first before consulting a podiatrist. There is nothing wrong with that, but is the condition persists, or seems to return quickly, an appointment is a wise idea. Toenail fungal infections are closely related to athlete’s foot, so the two are often present at the same time. That can cause the cross contamination of infection, which will prolong the condition in both areas.

Toenail fungus is much more common, so a podiatrist will be able to develop a customized treatment plan for Fingernail Fungus Treatment in Kenosha WI. A general practitioner will usually refer a patient to the podiatrist for fingernail fungus for efficiency. The fungus will be properly identified and quickly cleared up due to the experience level offered by a podiatrist. A prescription medication, or prescription strength ointment, may be needed to permanently rid the area of the fungus. Keeping nails clean and dry, as well as trimmed, will help prevent nail fungus, and also help prevent it from spreading when it does occur. Cutting nails straight across are the recommended method to avoid fungus. It is also possible to have bacteria growth under the nails. It will look and feel the same as a fungal infection, but will require a slightly different treatment.

In addition to fungus treatments, a variety of conditions are diagnosed and treated with customized plans to suit the needs, budgets, and concerns of patients. A complete medical history is taken to assist podiatrists in creating plans for persistent conditions. A diabetic, for example, may be prone to edema, poor circulation in the feet, or nerve damage. Knowing that information will help the doctor design a plan for routine foot checks, examinations of toes and soles, and possible stress line fractures associated with excess weight. People can contact us with any concerns, problems, or pain in the foot or ankles.

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