Reasons to Refer Your Patients to Orlando Facilities With Open MRI Machines

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Imaging Centers


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There are times when you need to order an MRI to pinpoint an illness or injury. Many physicians are turning to facilities with open MRI machines to ensure an easier experience and accurate reading. The following are three reasons to refer your patients to a facility that offers open MRI equipment.

Calmer Environment For Patients

For patients with anxiety, claustrophobia and sensory issues, the thought of an enclosed MRI machine is nerve-wracking. In fact, your patient may put off scheduling the procedure because of their intense fear. You can ease their fears by referring them to a facility with a quiet, open MRI machine. It creates a calmer environment that helps them to get through their procedure.

Accommodates All Body Types

It is not always easy to scan a specific area in an enclosed MRI machine. Your patients are confined to certain positions that may not allow you to accurately scan the target area. The lack of walls on open MRI equipment makes it easier to accommodate all body types, so you do not have to worry about ordering a different test to scan certain parts of the body.

Provides an Accurate Reading

Whether your patients’ movements are restricted or you are using outdated equipment, inaccurate MRI scans are frustrating for everyone. You need to order another test or a different test altogether, which puts a delay on their diagnosis and treatment. With an open MRI machine, you do not have to order additional tests because you are given an accurate reading.

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