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Procedures Offered to Clients at a Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville, FL

Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville, FL

Are you looking for treatment options at a cosmetic center in Jacksonville, FL
? Their team’s procedures include surgical and nonsurgical options, reshaping the body and face. These procedures can enhance appearance and self-esteem.

Surgical Treatments

    • Blepharoplasty: This is known as an eye lift, and as it sounds, it involves the removal of excess skin near the eye.

    • Eyelid Ptosis Repair: If the eye is unable to open to its normal height, it is called eyelid droop. When the upper eyelid’s muscles weaken, they cannot hold it open any longer.

    • Brow Lift: Brow lifts return the eyebrow to its original position prior to the heaviness of age. This procedure refreshes and reinvigorates sad appearances.

    • Mid Facelift: This procedure tugs on the midface and cheek areas, lifting them. It helps to treat the festoons and deep crevices created by the nasolabial folds.

Chemical peeling is another option that aims to accelerate skin exfoliation.

Injectable Treatments

Botox is prepared from botulin, a bacterial toxin, and used cosmetically to repair wrinkles. When injected, the botulin toxin temporarily paralyzes facial muscles. Botox is one brand’s name, but there are others that are widely used, such as XEOMIN and Dysport.

Dermal fillers are an additional option. They are made of injectable materials, and doctors use them to replace lost volume. The fillers mimic the naturally produced substances that occur in the body.

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