Why Pressed Juice In Melbourne Is So Expensive, But Necessary

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Vitamins & Supplements


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Whether you love juicing or are still on the fence, you’re probably aware of the trend for pressed juice in Melbourne. Many well-known companies have a line of it, helping to become a household name. Likewise, you may notice juice bars in major cities, as well. While it is okay to drink the occasional beverage, food lovers everywhere have found a new reason to love it. Juice cleanses are becoming increasingly popular, just like their cold-pressed counterparts.

Why Is It So Expensive?

While you can find some companies willing to offer lower prices, including Karmic Cold Pressed Juice, they can still be more expensive than traditional fruit juices that you can buy in a store. One reason these juices are higher is that there is more produce used, so you’re getting more nutrients and protein. Some companies use up to six pounds of produce in each bottle.

Store-bought varieties may use only four pieces of fruit or vegetable in their drinks.

Likewise, the expense also depends on the machine used. For example, cold-pressed juice applies more pressure to squeeze the juice from the vegetables and fruit, all while using the high-pressure processing method to preserve their drinks. Traditional juicing uses a centrifugal blade that rips apart the produce, which means fewer ingredients.

Why It’s Worth The Price?

Primarily, the price of pressed juice in Melbourne is worth it for most people. While you can buy a cold-pressed juicer yourself and use it daily, it can take time to learn how to use it and will take the ingredients and time to make. Buying it from a reputable company means that you can have it delivered to you as needed without having to make it or buy ingredients, all while providing more nutrients, some fibre, and a little protein.

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