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Portable vs. Console Ultrasound

You want to administer ultrasounds at your practice, so you’ve decided to buy ultrasound equipment. The next step is choosing what type of ultrasound to buy. One of the biggest decisions to make in purchasing an ultrasound is a portable or console ultrasound. Here are some tips to help you make your decision when it comes to buying the right ultrasound.

Portable Ultrasound

A portable ultrasound is a small ultrasound unit that typically comes with a laptop-like screen for viewing. It sits on a cart with wheels, which means it can be wheeled from room to room within a practice. It can also be taken out of the office to perform ultrasounds in other locations.

Console Ultrasound

Due to the cart it sits on, console ultrasounds and portable ultrasounds take up about the same amount of space. However, a console ultrasound typically sits in one location with limited mobility. This means that they are most often kept in a single room within a practice, and cannot be easily transported from room to room. Due to their stationary nature, console ultrasounds can have bigger screens and keyboards.

Purpose Variety

Console ultrasounds come with more probes since they don’t need to be easy to transport. Since they can have more heft, they can also have more software loaded into a larger computing unit. This means that console ultrasounds can do more than portable ultrasounds. If you need an ultrasound for a variety of functions, a console ultrasound might be best.


Portable ultrasounds can be wheeled around, and even carried, with relative ease. This means that, within a practice, they can be moved from patient to patient with little wait time. They can also be taken out into the world, so if your practice performs ultrasounds anywhere outside of your office, a portable ultrasound is best. Visit for details information.

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