Pet Surgery, What To Expect

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Veterinarian


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If you own a dog, cat or other small animal as a pet there is a good chance that at some time it will need to be admitted for a surgical procedure, more often than not the reason is for spaying or neutering. If you understand a little about what goes on when you bring your pet in for affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago it can go a long way to eliminating any undo worry, you will also be better prepared to ask the veterinary surgeon questions that are important to you.

   * What to expect prior to the surgery:

Normally the vet will have given you instructions on feeding and the intake of fluid in hours prior to the schedules surgery. Follow the instructions to the letter, there are some animals that cannot be denied food and water for an extended period of time.

Your vet will also ask you to sign a consent form, not only for the surgery, but to seek your approval to perform certain tests in advance. Often the vet will want to do a blood workup and a chemical profile or even an ECG.

   * What to expect on the day of the scheduled surgery:

When you arrive with your pet, the animal will be subjected to a physical examination, any tests that need to be run that were not done in advance will be carried out at this time. Once everything is “good to go” the vet will prepare your pet for surgery by administering a sedative to calm it down. Following this, the vet will either anesthetize the animal by introducing a drip or gas.

Once the surgery has been completed, your pet will be allowed to come out of the anesthesia in its own way. Your pet will be taken aside, placed in a quite area and monitored until it is up and about. This may require an overnight stay, but often the charge for affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago takes this into account when you first discuss the procedure with the vet.

By knowing a little of what to expect you can be more relaxed while your pet is undergoing surgery, ever be afraid to ask the vet or an assistant what is going on.

Affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago is available from Metropolitan Veterinary Center. Even though the procedures are affordable the professionalism, quality and attention to detail are first class.

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