Parent Support From Your Child’s Pediatrician

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Health


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Within hours after birth, your baby meets with his or her pediatrician for the first time. Pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC build relationships with their patients and parents from their first day of life. This relationship is unique from one that you may have with other doctors. Not only is the pediatrician a doctor for your child, but he or she can be a great support to you as the parent.

Newborn Stage

The newborn stage can be rough for mom and dad. While it is an exciting time to have your new little baby, sleep deprivation and your precious baby’s inability to communicate except by crying can be exhausting. At this point in your baby’s life, you will typically visit the pediatrician about every two to three months. These visits are to ensure that your baby is growing and developing, but the visits are also for the parents. This is a time for you to speak with a child expert about how your baby is sleeping, whether it is safe to simply let him or her cry it out, discuss vaccine options and express any struggles that you may be having. Pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC are not just pediatricians. They can also provide comfort, reassurance, and suggestions to sleep-deprived new parents.


As your child grows into a toddler, there comes a whole new bout of concerns. While your child can communicate more easily and you are hopefully getting more sleep at night, you now worry about what your child is eating, if he or she is developing properly and are attempting to figure out discipline techniques. Well, visits to the doctor’s office are more spread out at this point, typically only going once a year, but your pediatrician can still give you advice and suggestions. Book recommendations, ideas on how to successfully brush your child’s teeth and nutrition advice are all ways that your child’s doctor can support you.

Childhood and Adolescence

When you leave toddlerhood behind and begin entering childhood and adolescence, it is still important to continue those annual visits to the pediatrician. A parent’s intuition can help in judging how your child is developing and coping with life, but a doctor is well trained to pick up on both mental and physical health concerns. The pediatrician can be an additional support to the family in ensuring that everyone is healthy and strong.

A doctor’s primary purpose is to help children when they are sick or injured. However, pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC can be a great support system for parents as well. Visit the website for more details.

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