What Men Can Do if They Experience Enlarged Breasts

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Plastic Surgeon


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Most people simply assume that women are the only ones who desire a breast reduction surgery. What many do not realize is that men can also have a condition that involves enlarged breast tissue too. This situation can be especially embarrassing for the men, and there are some steps that men can take to resolve their enlarged breasts quickly. Gynecomastia surgery is the technical name for a male breast reduction procedure. Males can develop excess breast tissue for a number of reasons. Steroid use, excessive weight gain, hormonal imbalances and certain medications are all some of the many causes of enlarged male breasts.

Now, males can elect to undergo an effective male breast reduction by Naperville plastic surgeon who has the necessary training and skills to perform this operation. There are other reasons for the development of male breast tissue that are unknown at this present time. Men that have this condition are often embarrassed to take off their shirts, and it is common for these men to avoid swimming and other activities where their enlarged breasts will be more visible to others. A trained plastic surgeon can remove this excess breast tissue with or without lymph node removal by targeted liposuction and/or other methods.

Men that develop fatty breast tissue might only notice the problem in one breast. This elective surgical procedure can help whether targeting just one breast or tackling both at the same time. Most men feel a great sense of relief when they see the excellent results that choosing to get a male breast reduction can give. Learn more about this male breast reduction cosmetic surgery and other options by scheduling your informative consultation appointment at the Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery today.

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