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Medical Weight Loss: A Guide To Surgical Options

Many medical professionals in cities such as Las Cruces, consider medical weight loss to be the most effective means of treating obesity. This is applicable for both a long-term decrease in weight and improvement of various comorbid conditions including diabetes. A consultation with a bariatric specialist helps individuals choose the most appropriate method of meeting their goals.

Types of Bariatric surgery

Essentially, bariatric surgery falls into three common types of surgical procedures. These are:

1. Lap Banding
2. Gastric Bypass
3. Gastric Sleeve

Each method is capable of providing the means through which obese and severely obese individuals can lose weight.

Lap Banding

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (lap band) is among the least invasive forms of medical weight loss surgery. The placement of a band around the top of the stomach entrance point reduces the overall amount of food an individual can eat at one time. The success rate remains high when patients closely follow the strict lifestyle changes recommended by the surgeon.

Gastric Bypass

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or gastric bypass also has positive results by reducing the amount of food eaten. The resulting rate from this method is high with weight reduction continuing during the first year before levelling off to maintenance.

Gastric Sleeve

The popularity of the laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy continues to rise. This less invasive procedure creates a new, smaller stomach without cutting the intestine. The overall results are long-lasting weight loss.

Medical Weight Loss

If you are obese, cannot lose weight through traditional methods and are willing to commit yourself to changing your lifestyle, talk to your doctor about trying medical weight loss surgery. If you live in Las Cruces, several reputable weight loss centers are available. They will work with you to help you make an informed decision about what surgical procedure will have the greatest initial and long-term effect.

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