What Makes a Great LASIK Surgeon?

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Optometrists


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You’ve decided to get your eyes fixed. The first thing you need to do is look for a great LASIK surgeon to perform the procedure. Here are a few qualities you’ll want to look for.

Training and education

A good surgeon will have the credentials and qualifications to perform the procedure. That’s always the best place to start your search, the Federal Trade Commission says.


Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon about his/her experience in performing the procedure. How many times has he carried it out? The last thing you want is to find a doctor who’s doing it for the first time. Consider experience before you pick an eye doctor.


You want a LASIK surgeon who’s competent and compassionate at the same time, someone who makes an effort to answer all your questions until you’re fully satisfied. When you’re afraid and worried about going into surgery, this kind of doctor can help you shake off your worries.


A good surgeon will always provide you with the information you need and that includes the risks and possible complications that may happen if you undertake the surgery. If your surgeon focuses only on the benefits of the procedure and mentions little to none of the complications you may end up with, then you’re dealing with a dodgy surgeon. Walk away and look for help elsewhere.


The best surgeons are careful. They know the possible consequences of being careless. That’s why they take great pains to prepare for the procedure. And that includes giving you instructions you’ll need to follow before, during, after the surgery.

Watch out for these qualities when you look for an eye surgeon for the procedure. Keep them in mind so you won’t have to wonder whether you’re making the right decision or not.

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