Live Your Golden Years Where Everything is Centered Around You

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Assisted Living


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How would you like to live your golden years knowing that people literally planned their day around you? Elderly care in Melbourne FL is making this concept a reality with memory care residences that employ a wealth of new ideas to help people with cognitive issues live their best lives. The staff of these places are thoroughly trained to notice every detail about you and your lifestyle. This kind of compassionate understanding far exceeds the nation standards of care.

New Techniques

Breakthroughs in technology and studies in Alzheimer’s and other memory-impairing diseases have led to new treatments including life silhouettes, music therapy and artistic expression. If you or your loved ones have trouble verbally expressing your thoughts and ideas, there are ways to still connect with other people. For instance, music has been found to trigger memories that have been stored in a different section of the brain. A special song, maybe from your wedding day, can bring back a sweeter, simpler time. It can evoke feelings of peace and happiness.

Life silhouettes are descriptive details of your life – the things you’ve accomplished, special honors you received, family details and so much more – all designed to help staff members help you to receive the care you desire based on your lifestyle. Celebrate your anniversary. Be recognized on Veteran’s Day for your service. These things are important to you.

Subtle Memories

Of course, there are other ways to bring memories to mind. The smell of freshly ground coffee can trigger memories of mornings with your spouse before work. Baking sweets in an oven will remind you of holiday baking with your children or friends. Paintings and artwork, nature sounds, and even gardening, all of these things are helpful for those with cognitive impairment.

Exercise is extremely important to your overall health. Elderly care in Melbourne FL focuses on group exercise based on your abilities, plenty of safe spaces to walk, a garden to plant herbs and flowers, and an enclosed courtyard for strolling or sitting. There are also yoga classes for the mind and body.

Let’s help you live your best golden years by contacting or visiting the website today.

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