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Learn Why MRIs Are Often the Test of Choice for Orlando Residents

There are many reasons why healthcare professionals and patients turn to Orlando diagnostic MRIs. This is a completely noninvasive test that scans the body using a large magnet. Radio waves and computer technology are used to capture images of structures inside the body. This test is completely painless and can be used to cover large portions of the body in a short amount of time.

Doctors often recommended that their patients have an MRI if they suspect the patient has a disease. The test takes about 45 minutes. It can detect anything from defects in the joints to cancerous tumors. Almost all parts of the body can be captured with an MRI, including the eyes, brain, spinal cord, and heart.

An Orlando diagnostic MRI is often used in connection with cancer. It can be used to identify tumors. It can also be used to monitor the treatment of cancerous tumors. The scans show if the size or shape of a tumor has changed after a doctor recommends a treatment.

Another reason why MRIs are a popular option for testing is that they do not use radiation. When a doctor recommends a patient use a PET scan, CT scan, or x-ray, the patient will be exposed to radiation. This means that babies and pregnant women cannot have these tests done. However, an MRI is a good option for pregnant women, babies, and any who may have a negative reaction to even the smallest amount of radiation exposure.

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