IV Vitamin Therapy in Los Angeles The Quicker Way to Health

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Healthcare


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IV vitamin therapy in Los Angeles delivers vital nutrients directly to your body. It is one of the fastest ways to realize the benefits of critical nutrients that your body may be missing. When you want to add supplements to your system that you may not be getting through your diet, you have a couple of choices for delivery of those supplements.

IV Vitamin Therapy in Los Angeles Is the Best Option

You can take supplements orally, you can take them sublingually, you can even take them via a suppository but there is not better way to get the supplements that you need to improve your health then via an IV and here is why:

  • It is absorbed at a much higher percentage
  • You do not have to wait to digest the supplements
  • Many nutrients are lost to digestion and other body functions
  • The nutrients are delivered right to the blood stream

IV vitamins are delivered at a much higher concentration than oral or other delivery methods. 90% of the vitamins are absorbed into the blood stream with an IV delivery compared to 50% absorption of other delivery methods.

No Wait Time

IV delivery is immediate. When you take supplements in other ways there is a wait time for the vitamins to hit your system.

No Losses

Oral supplements lose quite a bit of their punch during the digestion process. IV delivery means that there are no losses. The supplements are delivered right to your blood stream where they can get to work immediately.

A More Confident Delivery Method

IV vitamin therapy takes the guess work right out of whether you are getting the right nutrients. IV Oasis specializes in vitamin cocktails that are delivered in the right amounts via IV.

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