Innovative Methods of Pain Management in Sun City West AZ

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Healthcare


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For Pain Management, patients often want to avoid pain medications whenever possible. Since OTC and prescription pain meds each have a long list of potential side effects, it only makes sense to not want to rely on these drugs for relief. What most people want is permanent solutions to the cause of their pain. This is the only thing that can make it possible for them to be able to live their lives fully again.

The physical medicine experts offer pain management programs that are designed to get to the cause of the pain and treat it effectively so it can go away permanently. Since many causes of back pain are centered in the spine and the joints, it makes sense to look for ways to improve the health of these body parts first. The many processes available at this clinic include radiofrequency ablation, a simple treatment using electrical stimuli that are so pain-free it can be performed without anesthesia. Some programs offer stem cell therapies and spinal cord stimulator implantation, as well as many other methods.

Not every problem needs these types of techniques for a patient to experience improvement. The clinic also assists its patients by suggesting they attempt weight loss programs, take supplements and use stress management techniques. Avoiding pain killers is an important way to keep the body in a better hormonal balance, and a healthy diet can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation does not only occur when an injury happens, but it can also have many causes and lead to serious health issues. One of the most common side effects of inflammation is pain, but there is also the risk of digestive issues, cardiovascular illness and an increased risk of diabetes.

With Pain Management, the patients of Sun City West, AZ, can have a treatment plan that puts them in control of their health and lets them get better, rather than just managing their pain. Visit the website to learn more about medical treatments that are designed to reduce the number of drugs that people need and keep them healthier and happier over time. With this type of medical process, each person becomes involved in their care and will learn methods for preventing future complications.

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