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Improving Tots’ Physical Development is a Team Effort in Grafton

Some children need a little more support than others to reach their personal bests for play, future sports activity and even entertaining talents. Combine child care and pediatric therapy within a family-centered environment for a team effort to help your tot thrive physically.

Common Challenges Tots Face
Children are all unique in appearance, intellectual strengths and physical abilities. However, parents know when things are not progressing as they should. They can turn to physical therapists in Grafton, ND, for expertise in neurological, pediatric and orthopedic conditions.

These experts can recognize, diagnose and improve common movement disorders. They can also treat nervous system disorders, poor reflexes and weak balance.

Special Needs Care For Wellness
In regular daycare centers and playrooms at work or gyms, children with special needs may not fit in. Child care services with pediatric and physical therapy wellness programs provide inclusion for all children, no matter their abilities. Parents can also rest assured they have well-trained interventionists available in case of accidents or falls.

Families Can Build Together
At-home activities help children build on the work of physical therapists Grafton, ND, that families can count on. Everyone in a household can get in on the action and improve health at the same time. Group activities tots enjoy with parents and siblings of all ages are:

  • Dancing
  • Ball games
  • Walking
  • Simple household chores

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