How to Understand the Difficulties of Long-Distance Relationships

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Health


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Only when you understand the difficulties that exist for long distance couples, can you find the cure. Relationships can struggle with short commutes, so what happens when your partner lives in another state or a different country? Some couples only work best when they spend significant time apart.

Feelings at The Beginning of Your Relationship

During the first few days or weeks after realizing you have met the one person you wish to share the rest of your life with, it is easy to overlook the difficulties of meeting and sharing time together, especially when you are long distance couples.

The distance between where you live or work may begin to present some difficulties, especially where one partner feels they are working harder than the other to arrange convenient meeting spaces. Long-distance for some couples could mean simply that they live 10 or 15 miles apart, but have no access to easy transport. When you live at the opposite end of the state or in another part of the world, long distance couples must find ways to meet, whether online or in person and be effective with the time they have together.

What Is the Relationship Costing You?

While it is amazing how some low-cost airlines can ship you from one end of the country to the other for just a few dollars, the physical toll of both dollars and the time out of your life, travelling to see your loved one, can cause several difficulties within the relationship.

You may begin spending endless hours in your car travelling from one destination to another. Taking hours sat in airports waiting for airplanes can begin to grind on the best use of your time as you waste hours of your life doing nothing.

When the relationship becomes too expensive for one partner to be able to afford one more train journey, it is better to discuss the circumstances because there is always an answer to every issue.

Better Apart for Some of The Time

Long-distance relationships work well for some individuals who enjoy being by themselves, but want to be part of a couple. This situation may suit the person that works elsewhere during the week and the couple get together only for weekends. Some marriages exist very well, purely because the distance helps couples organize their lives in a manner that suits them.

The key for long-distance couples is to talk about the issues that affect them and more importantly, to listen to their partner and their views on the circumstances that present themselves.

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