How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter in East Windsor, NJ

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Dermatologist


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While the winter season can be one of celebration and cheer, winter weather often comes with its own challenges. Cold air and biting wind can wreak havoc on your skin when you’re outdoors, and hot air from indoor heating can dry your skin out severely when you’re inside. This winter, fight back and take care of your skin the way that it deserves.

Contact a Professional
First, make sure that you don’t have any serious problems with your skin. Don’t try to treat major issues by yourself. Instead, contact a pro who can help you with a psoriasis diagnosis in East Windsor, NJ, or other identification of your problems. If necessary, a dermatologist or another medical professional can provide you with prescription medication or other treatments for your skin.

Next, think about your moisture barrier. This is the top layer of your skin, and it’s the most vulnerable to the elements that you face each day. Harsh weather, as well as strong cleaning products, can destroy this moisture barrier, leaving your skin vulnerable and raw. Heal the barrier by using heavy moisturizers that protect your skin each day.

Don’t Use Products with Harsh Ingredients
Finally, look at the makeup and other materials that you have been using. Eliminate any makeup, moisturizer, or cleanser that has harsh ingredients. Avoid irritation by using natural ingredients and trusted brands. This is especially important when it comes to makeup remover, which is often made with strong ingredients. Similarly, avoid using any physical exfoliation, like scratchy washcloths or towels. Treat your skin like the precious, delicate material that it is.

Don’t wait to protect and care for your skin. To get help and learn more about your skin, especially if you receive a psoriasis diagnosis in East Windsor, NJ, talk to the experts at Windsor Dermatology soon. This winter, your face will thank you.

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