How to Prepare for Substance Abuse Treatment

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Health


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Substance abuse can be devastating, not just for the individuals afflicted, but for everyone in their lives. Choosing to seek treatment is a huge step, and while the process isn’t easy, the end results are well worth it. If you’ve made the decision to seek substance abuse treatment in Eagan, here’s how you can prepare.

No Last Benders

Many users try to go on one last bender before starting treatment programs, but this can ultimately make the transition far worse. Consuming large amounts of harmful substances in a short amount of time can also result in an overdose. If you want to optimize your chances for success, avoid this as best you can.

Prepare Your Body

Withdrawal is a huge hurdle in any treatment program, and it’s natural to dread this part of the process. Do your best to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and eat nutritious meals leading up to the start of your treatment. The better your overall physical health, the easier the detox will be.

Lean on Your Support System

Substance abuse does not make users bad people or unworthy of love. If you’re about to start treatment, chances are your friends and family are rooting for you, and are there for you for support. Treatment programs will also give you the opportunity to meet others who are struggling as you are, and communicating with people who have been where you are can go a long way in terms of support.

Substance abuse treatment in Eagan can be life-changing, but only if you take the first step. Contact River Ridge to see how a customized program can help you.

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