How to Obtain Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati, OH Without Waiting Hours in Hospital Emergency Waiting Rooms

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Health


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Some medical conditions fall between true medical emergencies and those that can wait for a regular check-up appointment. Some individuals may be trying to find an alternative to waiting to be seen by their doctor or having to go to the hospital emergency room. A walk-in clinic that provides Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH is a great and beneficial solution in these situations. There are many conditions and injuries that can be treated in these facilities. In many cases, individuals are most satisfied with the speed in which they are seen compared to waiting several hours, or perhaps the whole day, in hospital emergency room waiting areas. They often feel frustrated that, even though they need to be seen and have their condition or injury treated, they do not wish to spend all day in the hospital waiting to be seen.

Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH is provided by these convenient walk-in clinics. Most laboratory exams ranging from x-rays, drug and STD tests, to EKG, pregnancy tests, and more are offered. They handle a wide range of medical conditions from lacerations, wound care and stitches, to fractures, sprains, and more. They can also provide breathing treatments for those with respiratory conditions as well as stabilize blood pressure and other urgent conditions that people often visit hospital emergency rooms for.

The great thing about going this route over emergency rooms is avoiding the incredibly long wait typically associated with hospitals. For those suffering from strep throat, ear infections, stomach viruses, and other similar conditions, there is no need to wait for the next available appointment with a primary care physician or take that dreaded trip to the hospital emergency room for treatment. So, indeed, this is certainly a more favorable option for many individuals that require urgent medical care and treatment.

Most major health insurances are accepted, and there is no need to call as this is a walk-in clinic. Qualified and experienced physicians are available to answer any questions or concerns patients may have pertaining to their care or treatment. Doctor’s notes and physicals can also be provided for those in need. Those visiting for the first time should expect to fill out forms related to their medical insurance as well as past medical history and current prescription or other medication they may be taking. For more information, please visit or contact Eastside Urgent Care.

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