How Las Vegas Physical Therapy Can Help With Low Back Pain

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Health


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Low back pain can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It can affect your quality of life, and prevent you from doing the things you love to do. However, with a physical therapist Las Vegas, and with some things you can do at home, you can manage lower back pain and get back on your feet again. Here are some tips.


Any physical therapist in Las Vegas will tell you that posture is very important. If your spine isn’t straight, you will put pressure on your muscles and joints, which will cause pain and inflammation. By working on your posture, you will make sure that everything is properly balanced, and nothing is working harder than it has to.

Lift With Your Legs

If you are picking things up regularly, then make sure to bend your knees and lift with your legs. Bending over puts all of the pressure on your lower back muscles, which leads to strains and pain.

Back Exercises

Ask your physical therapist Las Vegas for some exercises that will help you strengthen your back muscles and prevent low back pain. These can include bridges, pelvic tilts, lying lateral leg lifts, and others. Your physical therapist may also have some specific exercises just for you.

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