How Acupuncture For Autism In New York Works

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Health


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Many parents are worried about their children getting hurt, but what happens when your son or daughter is diagnosed with autism? Whether it was because of vaccination or an unknown reason, you want to ensure that your child is protected. While it is a mysterious disorder and little is still known about it, there is help. Scalp acupuncture in New York can help a variety of situations, including the boosting of language skills which are just one of many delayed areas for children with the disorder.


One study, in particular, showed a group of children, aged four to seven, with language delay due to Autism. One group received scalp acupuncture twice a week, as well as language therapy, and the other group only received the therapy.

Needles were placed in particular spots to a similar depth for each child. The needles were in place for 20 minutes, and the treatment was provided for a total of nine months, with two months of needle treatment and two weeks of rest in between.


During the study, patients were tested on their ability use speech sounds, understand/respond to sentences, and the capacity to understand verb tenses, adjectives, and others. At the end of the study, both groups did show improvement, but children who received scalp acupuncture shows more improvement.

What This Means For Those In New York

If your child has been diagnosed with this disorder and you’re wondering what else you can do for them, this could be the option. It is best to talk with your child first and help them understand what it will entail since many children are scared of needles, and that is the primary tool used for the procedure. Likewise, it shouldn’t be considered as a quick-fix method of treatment.

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