Helping Your Teen Past Emotional Challenges

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Health


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Teenagers today are under unprecedented pressure. They experience stress from avenues like social media and their friends. There is more pressure on them today to be picture perfect and exceptional in all they do because of the increasing voyeuristic tendencies in society today.

However, the stress and pressure they face cause many teens to experience mental health issues like depression and anxiety. By enrolling your teen in teenagers’ therapy, Burnsville parents like you could help him or her overcome the emotional hurdles in your child’s path and discover a way to enjoy better mental health now and in the future.

If you have never heard of teenagers therapy, Burnsville parents like you may wonder what your child will experience during sessions. The first few sessions will be opportunities for him or her to vent and express frustrations about his or her life. Your child will have the chance to talk about everything from school to friends and even family members.

After disclosing some of the biggest challenges in life, your teen will then be taught coping mechanisms to help deal with stress and anxiety without succumbing to negative thoughts or temptations to hurt himself or herself. The therapist may teach skills like using ice to calm an impending panic attack to using distraction like listening to music to ease one’s anxiety and depression.

Your child will also learn techniques to change his or her mindset toward certain people and events in life. For example, if your teen detests going to school, he or she may learn to frame thoughts of school in a different light. He or she could look at each day spent in school as one step closer to graduation.

After a few weeks in therapy, your teen may feel and act better. The sessions can continue for as long as needed.

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