Get That California Golden Look by Getting a Spray Tan in Costa Mesa, CA

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Beauty Care


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Many Californians love to spend time turning a rich bronze or golden hue in the sunlight so prevalent here in this tropical locale. Too much sun can cause skin damage that can make individuals look older than they actually are. Get that California golden tan the safe way by getting a fabulous professional spray tan in Costa Mesa, CA.

No More Tan Lines When Clients Switch to Natural Spray Tans

Unlike the orange tints of decades past, newer spray tans come in a number of diverse shades to suit every skin color type. These hues look natural and do not have that ugly and obviously fake-tan orange cast so many try to avoid. Another benefit of beautiful spray tans at a Costa Mesa, CA, beauty salon is that there will be no more embarrassing tan lines showing.

Keep Your Skin Healthy & Deeply Moisturized by Avoiding the Sun

Many people who love to enjoy outdoor activities want to look tanned and healthy while wearing skimpier athletic clothes and warm weather attire. Too much sun can quickly dry out the skin leaving it visibly dry and flaky. Over time, deep wrinkles and age spots begin to appear. Keep your skin deeply nourished with ultra-moisturizing skin care products and avoid sunbathing. Keep your golden tint by spray tanning instead.

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