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Get Radiant Skin With Luminesce

If you are having trouble figuring out the Luminesce skin care line, you have come to the right place! We are sharing the best tips and tricks her today. You will understand how to use and apply your products for the radiance and vitality that you are searching for.

History of Luminesce

The Luminesce line was created for all skin types by Dr. Nathan Newman. Throughout the following years, the products have gone through a bit of an evolution, and they are now used together as a regimen. When used together, they make a complete skin care routine that you can use daily.

Using the Products in Order

If you aren’t sure exactly when you are supposed to use what, you are in luck. Here is how and when to use each product.

  1. The Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser should be used in the morning and at night.
  2. The Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum should also be used in the morning and at night.
  3. The Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex with broad spectrum SPF 30 should be used in the morning.
  4. The Luminesce Advanced Night Repair should be used at night.
  5. The Luminesce Essential Body Renewal should be used in the morning and at night.
  6. The Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque should be only used 1-2 times per week.

The Show-Stealer is the Jeunesse Luminesce Serum!

This Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is a best-seller among the Jeunesse products. All of the other items in the regimen compliment the serum. It is the star of the show. If you were only in the market for one Luminesce product, the serum would be the key.

How to Apply the Jeunesse Luminesce Serum:

Cleanse and dry your face, gently. Smooth the serum with your fingertips directly onto your skin. It will absorb the serum if you remember to do so right after cleansing.
THen you will massage it into your skin using an upward and circular motion. You can apply the serum to the neck and the chest area as well if desired.

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