Flight Registered Nursing – Angels in the Skies

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Health


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There is great demand for nurses all over the world. Because of the rapidly growing medical needs of its aging population, American hospitals and medical facilities, in particular, are in search of more qualified nurses than ever before. The United States is facing an imminent nationwide nurse shortage in the coming years.

Finding nurses in specialty areas can be even more difficult. Certified flight registered nurses are always in demand, as relatively few nursing professionals pursue this certification. There are many reasons why the career path is beneficial to both employee and consumer, and it is the hope of the medical community that these benefits will bring about a surge in nurses choosing this certification specialty.

What Does a Flight Registered Nurse Do?

A flight registered nurse is like any other nursing professional, save for additional qualification that allows them to do their job in less stable and often less consistent conditions. Whether working in civilian or military settings, in planes, jets or helicopters, these nurses must be capable of providing both life-saving and nerve-soothing care to patients of every age and type. The companies who employ these professionals insist on only the best, and that allows them to provide that standard of excellence to their clients.

How to Become Flight Registered as a Nurse

Certified flight registered nurses – or CFRNs – must pass a rigorous examination to attain their initial certification and begin practicing in the field. There is no specific course of college education for flight nurses. Rather, there is specialized training that goes beyond the foundations laid during nursing school. Both medical knowledge and field experience are important for these workers, as a thorough understanding of the unique challenges faced during air travel helps them to rise to the occasion and provide the quality of care their clients expect.

The caring souls who do choose flight nursing as a career are not only helping to fulfill a need within the general medical community as qualified nursing personnel, they are also making transportation and relocation safer and easier for patients, families and the professionals caring for them. They are truly airline angels.

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