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Finding an Excellent Breast Reduction Surgeon

If you are pondering the thought of having a breast reduction surgery performed, you will want to find a quality breast reduction surgery in Chicago to perform the procedure. There are several important factors that you need to consider before you choose your surgeon.

  *  Overall experience with patients much like you
  *  Accepting of your insurance plan
  *  Is a board certified surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation?
  *  Someone you feel comfortable talking to and discussing your personal issues with

Here are some steps to help you find the perfect surgeon that you are able to trust.

Ask Other Patients

You should start by creating a list of potential surgeons. You can start this list by asking friends and family who have had experience working with these types of surgeons. You should also ask your family physician for a possible referral. You can check out ratings on websites such as This will help you to determine the level of success the surgeon has had with their patients.

Research Experience and Credentials

Make sure you take ample time to research the credentials and experience of the doctors that you are considering. It is important to make sure that your surgeon is certified with the board and performs breast reductions on a regular basis. The more experience that they have performing these types of surgeries, the more likely they are to help you reduce anxiety about the surgery and also prevent complications. They must also be in good standing with federal and state agencies and has no malpractice claims against them.

Hospital Performance

Since these surgeries are performed at a hospital, you will want to make sure that the hospital has positive ratings online and patients have had good experiences having surgeries at the hospital. It is also important that your surgeon works well with the facility and has an excellent reputation.

Interview Your Potential Surgeon

Interviewing your potential surgeons is the most important thing you have to do in the decision-making process. Make sure you ask them how many reduction surgeries they have performed and how long they have been practicing medicine. If you are concerned about potential complications, ask them about these as well. You should feel completely comfortable with your surgeon as it is can be a delicate matter to discuss. It may take some time to find the right breast reduction surgeon, but it will be worth it when you do.

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