Feel Younger with Anti Aging Treatments in Lancaster, PA

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Health


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Hot flashes, insomnia, and weight gain. The years approaching menopause can be turbulent, and the hormonal imbalances triggering these uncomfortable symptoms are exacerbated by today’s chronic stresses. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to manage those symptoms naturally? Can you imagine waking up and feeling well rested after sweat-free slumber with days free of mood swings? Well, you may find relief by exploring natural Anti-Aging Treatments in Lancaster PA. A weight loss and hormone balancing program may restore your youthful appearance and vigor without medication or plastic surgery.

Companies, like BeBalanced Center, provide anti-aging treatments that ease hormonal disturbances by moderating your insulin and cortisol levels. With this in mind, your initial visit may include complimentary nutrition counseling that pinpoints hidden dietary toxins that may contribute to your fatigue, insomnia, and irritability. Afterward, you can meet with a counselor who evaluates your symptoms, then classifies them as mild, moderate, or severe imbalances. Based on the counselor’s findings, you get lifestyle and nutrition advice that may include using creams and supplements, but you may want to focus on a specific problem.

Armed with your nutrition profile, you can choose specific Anti Aging Treatments in Lancaster PA, offered as targeted treatment programs, like a body contouring package, or you can build your own package from a list of services at some locations. Options can include:

• Facial rejuvenation – Instead of risky surgery, you can choose facial exercises or Microdermabrasion.

Cellulite reduction – Look for FDA-approved treatments that reduce cellulite by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Hair rejuvenation – A treatment program where certified professionals use low-level laser light to cosmetically treat thinning hair by increasing the scalp’s circulation.
Stress Management – Stress is a primary trigger for the cortisol production that leads to hormonal imbalances. Many anti-aging treatment centers offer massage therapy to encourage relaxation and reduce cortisol levels.

Once you have completed your initial treatments, many centers offer maintenance programs to reinforce the stress management practices that keep your insulin and cortisol levels in check. You can have the energy to lead an active life without hormone replacement therapy or surgery. To get more information, or to get started, click here.

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