What to Expect During Somatic Therapy in Darien, CT

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Medical Spa


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On the surface, Somatic Therapy in Darien CT may seem like a more traditional, psychotherapeutic method. However, in this type of session, the primary focus is actually on a person’s body rather than their emotions and thoughts. If someone is considering this type of therapy session, knowing what to expect can be beneficial. Learn more about this type of therapy here.


During Somatic Therapy in Darien CT, a person is encouraged to focus all of their attention on various bodily sensations, both pleasant and unpleasant. During this part, an individual is instructed to just “feel” them, rather than trying to interpret what’s happening. By doing this, a person can become aware of what’s being experienced and felt. The therapy will take note of all the bodily reactions and address them later.


During the first stages of Somatic Therapy in Darien CT, the therapist will probably put more emphasis on pleasant and non-threatening sensations to help their client feel safer and more comfortable. In fact, the individual may be encouraged to try  to think about a place or a time when they felt strong or safe in the past. This will be done before any negative sensations are focused on so the individual always has thoughts of strength and safety to go back to.


As this type of session moves forward, the focus will be moved toward aspects of a traumatic experience and any linked sensations. The therapist will work at a slow and manageable pace to avoid any possibility of retraumatization. Rather than going directly into the trauma experienced, the individual will be led into it little by little to ensure everything is manageable and can be discharged.

This type of therapy isn’t new, but it is something that many people have never heard of. Taking the time to find a quality therapist is one of the biggest challenges that a person will face when trying to take advantage of this type of therapy. Additional information about this type of therapy and the benefits it offers can be found by taking the time to contact us and schedule an initial appointment.

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