Does Drug Testing in Anderson, OH Matter?

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Health


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Business owners sometimes grapple with the idea of Drug Testing in Anderson OH. The fact is that choosing to use this as part of the screening process for new employees, as well as requiring periodic testing for current employees, benefits everyone involved. Here are some points that make it easier to understand why the testing matters.

Impact on Productivity

The fact is that employees who are not engaging in substance abuse are more likely to be productive while on the job. This translates into the employer receiving more of a return on the investment in each employee. At the same time, having coworkers who get their jobs done makes things a lot easier for all the other employees. Since it is necessary to maintain production quotas so that customer orders are filled in a timely manner, the chances of the company remaining a viable entity are enhanced.

Salvaging a Good Employee

Drug Testing in Anderson OH, can be a way of finding out why an employee who used to be so effective is slipping lately. Rather than terminating the employment, finding out that drugs are involved provides the chance for the employer to make sure the employee has access to counseling and treatment. The result can be salvaging the employee not just for the workplace, but also helping the individual from ruining relationships with family and friends.

Feeling Safe in the Workplace

Nothing negatively impacts morale like feeling unsafe at work. When everyone knows that drug testing is conducted regularly and those with problems will get treatment, it is a little easier to relax. People with substance abuse problems can become paranoid and physically abusive, something that no one wants to deal with on a daily basis. Thanks to the testing, those issues can be avoided and everyone can feel comfortable and concentrate on their work.

For employers who would like to learn more about the benefits of drug testing, Click here and arrange to speak with a professional. After going over what the testing can do for the business and everyone associated with it, the idea of implementing a testing policy will seem like the only wise move to make.

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