Discovering the Power Behind the Philosophy of Life

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Health


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What makes a happy life? Some say it’s money. Perhaps it’s the items you own. Others say it’s relationships. Still others say it’s in their experiences. How about saying it is a combination of all of the above? How can that be possible? How can you manage to have all of those things and still find time to truly be happy? There is a great philosophy of life one could choose to live by. That is to look at every opportunity and say yes, but how can you say yes to everything. Not to mention you really shouldn’t agree to everything. Unfortunately, many people are quick to say no, rather than taking a different look at things. This is where the philosophy of life can be applied and improve daily living, generating an overall sense of positivity.

Eliminate Negativity

We all know that girl who is constantly on social media, posting about how drab her life is. Yet, whenever someone does come around and ask her to go out, she declines without fail. She probably does it unwittingly or maybe she has valid reasons to say no. She may have to get up early the next day. She could be waiting for that elusive call from Prince Charming. Whatever the reason you have to say no, there are a multitude of reasons to say yes. It’s all about possibilities. What are the possible occurrences that could happen during a night at home versus the occurrences that could happen with a night out with friends? Once you change your philosophy of life to that of yes, the possibilities are then endless.

What about the guy who hates his job, yet gets up and drags himself to his cubicle every morning? He often fantasizes during his commute about where other drivers are going. Do they enjoy the work they do? Are they making a difference in the world? His friends are constantly telling him he is wasting the best years of his life and needs to find something else, but all he says is no. Maybe he is too comfortable. He could be scared of change. He knows what to expect when he comes to work. There is something in that feeling of the familiar, but is that something, happiness? In his case, not at all. This is why you need to subscribe to the philosophy of life that brings life to you.

Open Yourself to Opportunities

When a person is open to opportunities, the world conspires to give them to you. If you want money, the world will give you opportunities to make more money. If you want a relationship, you will find your perfect mate. If you want experiences, say yes and experiences will find you. If you want things in life, all you have to do is say the word and you will find the opportunities to achieve them. This philosophy of life may seem magical, but that is not at all the case. If you don’t believe, it will never happen. Faith in good things happening and saying yes to those opportunities is how a life of happiness will find you.

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