Dealing with a Rash in Helena, MT?

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Health


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For some, skin sensitivities can appear from time to time and leave us looking less than great. Those skin blemishes can be simple—things like dry or flaking skin—but they can also be a little more comprehensive.

If you have been dealing with a skin issue, something like a rash in Helena, MT, it is time to see a dermatologist who can help your skin get back to its best again. That is what Advanced Practice Dermatology can offer.

Rashes and Irritations

Rashes and irritations to the skin can happen for any number of reasons. One of the most common is an allergic reaction to something. Whatever the case may be, dealing with that rash becomes of the utmost importance.

A dermatologist can deal with a rash in Helena, MT and allow you to return to a level of comfort you have come to expect. Skin issues require proper treatment in order to truly resolve them.


Another issue that can impact the skin is psoriasis. It is a chronic skin condition, one that can have an impact on not only the skin but the nails and joints as well. Treatment for psoriasis has come a long way, and talking to your dermatologist is one of the first steps.

Whether it be oral medications, topical medications, or biologic therapies, there are treatment options available. Call your dermatologist today to set up an appointment. That’s all it takes to be on the path to better skin.

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