Custom Orthotics Ankle in Kenosha, WI

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Health


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There are several versions of custom Orthotics Ankle in Kenosha, WI. A simple way to support the ankle is with extra cushioning or padding to prevent the top of the shoe from placing pressure on the area. Accommodations can be made for edema, lack of circulation, or weaknesses. In some cases, regular shoes can be modified with extra cushioning, if pressure points are not an issue. Some ankle conditions or injuries require bracing, either before surgery or after surgical procedures. Other injuries or conditions will require bracing for control and balance.

A complete prosthetic, either for an ankle, foot, or knee, has to be fitted properly and constructed to suit the needs, purposes, and body weight of each person needing one. Prosthetics are also available for legs and arms. Shoulders, hips, and partial foot and hand prosthetic are also created or modified on-site. Experienced companies utilize sophisticated components, and the latest technologies to develop custom Orthotics Ankle in Kenosha, WI. Practitioners are on-call around the clock to suit the needs of people served, and most insurances are accepted. Orthodontics and prosthetics are needed for long-term impairments, sudden traumatic injuries, degenerative conditions once they reach certain points, and many conditions and illnesses. Custom fitting, advanced technologies, and education regarding use and care of durable equipment make a big difference to the success and comfort of owners. People can go to Site for information on services, helpful links, or to set up a free initial consultation.

Improper orthotics or prosthetics can cause pain, break down skin, and lead to injuries or weaknesses in other parts of the body. The body will naturally try to compensate for weakness or injury by altering natural stances, movements, or positions. A knee injury, for example, will cause people to subconsciously shift weight to the stronger knee or leg. That can lead to pain or swelling in the “good” knee, back pain, or pain in the hip. That bad back left untreated, can cause pain in the neck and shoulders as people lean forward to relieve pressure. Most people are not even aware of the slight changes until the pain begins somewhere else. Any noticed changes in skin appearances, pain or weakness in an area, or swelling, tingling, or burning sensations in areas, should be brought to the attention of a doctor as soon as possible. Correction can be as simple as inserts, or it could indicate a new issue.

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