Consumer Guide to Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Healthcare Service


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In Philadelphia, families are hiring Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA to care for aging family members who are no longer able to carefully for themselves. Home care services fall into two categories.

Personal Care Services
Personal Care Services are performed by either a Personal Care Assistant or a Certified Nurse Assistant. They will assist the client with everyday tasks in the home such as cleaning, preparing meals, grooming, bathing, and assisting with trips to the bathroom. Personal Care Assistants may remind a client to take their medications, but they are not allowed to administer the medications to the client. Medicare will not cover personal care services if that is all the client requires. If the client had purchased long-term care insurance, their policy might cover at least a portion of the personal care services. Check the specific policy details to see what services would be covered.

Home Health Services
Home Health Services are for clients who need frequent medical treatments in additional to help with personal care. These services are typically provided by a Registered Nurse or other licensed health care providers. Depending on the level of needed care, Medicare may cover home health services. These services can include assistance with injections, feeding tubes, catheters, and wound care. Skilled therapy services such as physical and occupational therapy can also be provided in a home setting depending on the needs of the client.

Why Choose Home Care Services
The number one reason to choose home care services is to allow your loved family member to remain in their home for as long as possible. After major surgery, injury, or illness, studies have found that clients receiving health care services at home have a longer life and a lower risk of returning to the hospital than those who attempt to care for themselves without any assistance. When comparing home care services to living in a skilled nursing facility, home care clients enjoy a better quality of life, greater convenience to receive one on one care, and also have lower costs.
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