Common Issues Among Children Who Are Seen in an Urgent Care Office

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Health Care


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When your children are sick or injured, there are a few options that you usually have pertaining to their care. If you can’t get an appointment with your child’s primary care doctor or if your child doesn’t have a primary care doctor, then consider going to an urgent care office. This is an office that can provide many of the same treatments that you would receive from your personal doctor or from an emergency room.

One of the reasons why you might visit an urgent care for kids in Orlando, FL, is strep throat. This is a common condition that children are afflicted with, especially when they are in school and come in contact with others who have the illness. Most of the time, the test to determine if your child has strep throat is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. If the results are positive, then medications can be prescribed to help with the pain associated with the illness and the bacteria that causes strep throat.

Ear infections, common colds, and strains of the flu virus are also common reasons why you might visit an urgent care for kids in Orlando, FL. Tests are available to determine exactly what illness your child has so that the proper treatments can be given. If there are any concerns with the condition of your child, then the doctor providing treatment will usually refer you to a specialist or a local hospital.

If there is a concern of a broken bone or a sprain, you can take your child to an urgent care facility. A bandage can be applied to a sprain as well as other treatments for comfort. If your child has a broken bone, then the doctor can usually place a temporary cast until you can get to your primary care doctor or an orthopedic doctor.

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