Choosing the Right Mobile Power Source for Your EHR Workstations

by | Jan 5, 2019 | Health and Fitness


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In most healthcare environments, it’s essential to be able to access patient information on-the-go, and in real-time. Most hospitals and doctors’ offices have adopted mobile powered workstations with a rechargeable battery because they can power point of care systems while moving from room-to-room.

It’s important to find the right mobile power source for your workstation in your workplace, because efficiency, convenience, and providing a personalized experience for patients are top priorities. The right mobile power source can help you achieve these goals.

Quick-charge batteries

Mobile workstations allow healthcare providers to access patient records, research information, and enter important data in a fast and efficient manner– usually while they are still in the room with the patient and able to elicit feedback and ask questions.

The mobile powered workstation system provides a personalized experience for patients while improving patient safety and outcomes. It’s important for healthcare providers to choose a power source that won’t let them while they are providing this critical care for their patients.

Mobile powered workstations with a rechargeable battery are a solution that enables providers to move around their workplace without compromising the time they spend with their patients. A good quick-charge battery will only take about an hour to fully recharge, and only 20 minutes to add on another hour of run-time. Quick-charge batteries can be plugged in as the provider moves from room-to-room.

Hot-Swap batteries

Hot-Swap batteries are an excellent solution for providers who don’t want to have to keep an eye on their battery indicator light. Once the battery on the cart is low, the provider can quickly swap out the low battery with a fully-charged battery that is stored on the cart, allowing for another 6-10 hours of use.

This improves efficiency for providers who need to visit many patients during their shift and prevents interruption to care because most Hot-Swap battery systems can be replaced in 30 seconds or less.

For providers coming onto a shift, one of the primary complaints of mobile workstations is that the battery is almost used up by the time they get up and running. With Hot-Swap batteries, providers can be assured their backup battery will be ready to replace the used one at any time.

High-performance systems

Mobile medical workstations can be outfitted with batteries that are designed for optimized performance. High-performance battery systems manage a variety of battery chemistries with different technologies, allowing for maximum battery life and smart feedback on battery drains, data, and lifecycles.

Smart battery systems will utilize power when necessary and cut back on power drains when there is reduced use of the mobile workstation.

Hybrid batteries

Hybrid batteries are an innovative way to operate devices without the need for converters, inverters, or adapters. Hybrid batteries can power mobile workstations anywhere in the world and eliminate the need for updating or rebuilding carts to incorporate new hardware add-ons. They have a long life, too, which will help reduce power system replacement costs.

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