Choosing the Right Hospice Care Facility in Beaumont, Texas for a Loved One

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Health


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When the attending physician delivers the news that a loved one has a terminal condition, the focus shifts from curing to ensuring that the individual enjoys the highest quality of life possible for whatever time remains. One of the ways to make those last days more pleasant is to work with the right Hospice Care Facility in Beaumont Texas. Here are some of the services and support that the right facility will offer.

Around the Clock Access to a Nursing Team

The best hospice care facility in Beaumont Texas, will ensure that there are nurses on duty at all times to help the patient. Typically, a registered nurse will lead the team and be assisted by medical personnel trained in things like physical therapy. Licensed vocational nurses are also likely to be part of the team along with a chaplain. The goal is to ensure that, whatever the patient needs, there is someone who can provide it without fail.

Coordinating Efforts with the Physician

The primary care physician remains in the picture, something that often helps patients feel more comfortable with what they are facing. The registered nurse heading the team will remain in contact with the physician and provide status reports on an ongoing basis. If any sudden changes take place, the nurse will alert the physician and be prepared to take whatever action is necessary.

Support for the Family and Other Caregivers

With hospice care, the focus is on the patient at all times. Even so, the right facility will also offer support for caregivers who are already attempting to come to terms with the imminent passing of a loved one. That includes providing someone to step in and stay with the patient while the caregiver has some time to have a few hours or a weekend to themselves. For those who need counseling, there are chaplains and other counselors who can help caregivers cope with what is to come.

For anyone who wants the best for a loved one who will only be around for a limited amount of time, contact us today and arrange to speak with our team. With a little planning, the client can be sure the loved one will be cared for with compassion, attention to detail, and the best medical care available in the area.

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