When to Call an Animal Clinic in Richmond

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Health


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If you have energetic pets, they probably have sustained a few injuries. For example, dogs and puppies are very curious and active, which often causes them to develop an illness or get into precarious situations. Therefore, occasionally, you may need to take your pet to an animal clinic.

However, you may have difficulty determining whether or not you should take your dog to the vet. You should actually call the vet to make the best decision. They have the knowledge and experience needed to advise you. Here are a few vague cases that may require a vet’s opinion.

Dog Eating Chocolate

If your dog eats chocolate, he or she can develop a serious problem. They cannot process the elements of chocolate, which leads to digestive problems. The best thing you can do is determine how much chocolate they consumed.

If you do not know how much chocolate they ate, you need to call an animal clinic in Richmond. Also, you need to keep a close eye on your dog.

If you know how much chocolate it was, you should compare the amount to the size of the dog. One piece of chocolate will likely not harm a big dog, but if your dog is small, you may need a vet such as the professionals at Business Name. Chocolate makes dogs energetic, diarrheal, and very thirsty. You need to account for all the symptoms.

Physical Wounds

If your dog gets injured, you need to consider the source. If your dog steps on a thorn or hurts its paw, you need to clean the wound and bandage it. However, if he or she is bitten or scratched by another animal, you must call an animal clinic. If you do not know which animal attacked your pet, you should go to an animal clinic immediately. Visit website for more details.

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