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Boarding School for Dogs?

It is amazing to think how far relationships between humans and dogs have advanced. Long gone are the days when people barely tolerated a dog’s presence near their campsites as he scavenged for food. Today your dog is likely to be your best friend and constant companion. Going on a trip can be as traumatic for you as for your canine friend. Times like these call for the Best Dog Boarding Chicago has to offer.

One of the top priorities of our boarding services at Chicago Canine Academy is to provide dog owners with peace of mind. We ensure our facility is secure and our staff well-trained so your dog has a safe environment when she cannot travel with you. We give basic care such as food, water, and shelter. However, we go beyond the essential requirements with constant supervision and plenty of exercise. If suitable for your individual dog, we even encourage monitored playtime with other compatible dogs.

Our belief is that the Best Dog Boarding in Chicago should be able to offer a comparable if not a better alternative to a pet sitter. Dog sitters may not be able to provide 24-hour care, especially if they care for multiple dogs at a time. Chances are they will need to come and leave frequently. This is not ideal if your dog is used to you being home most the time, if he suffers from separation anxiety, or if he is a young puppy and still needs frequent bathroom breaks or constant entertainment.

As our name indicates, we have a strong culture of dog training at Chicago Canine Academy. Jim Morgan, the director, and 25 years of canine training experience allows us to cultivate working partnerships between dogs and their owners. We carry this philosophy over to boarding. Teaching dogs appropriate ways to interact with humans and other animals in various situations make it easier for us to keep your dog safe and happy during her stay.

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