Benefits of Open MRI in Orlando, FL If You Have Claustrophobia

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Imaging Centers


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If you suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety, then the thought of undergoing a traditional magnetic resonance imaging test (MRI) might be stress-inducing. Fortunately, your Orlando radiology provider can offer you a comfortable option to traditional MRI called open MRI. Here are some reasons to consider the less-confining open MRI method of diagnostic imaging if you have claustrophobia or simply dislike being in very confined and closed spaces.

Airy and Comfortable

Open MRI machines are different from traditional MRI machines, even though their imaging technology is the same. Open MRI offers a more open and spacious environment that most patients find very airy and calming, which subsequently can provide relief to anxiety. In addition, the open MRI machine can also provide a more comfortable experience for larger people by offering them an open-sided machine to reduce a “closed-in” sensation that can cause claustrophobic reactions.

Enhanced Compliance

People needing an MRI who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety may be less compliant and more hesitant to undergo this important diagnostic imaging test. Because of the openness of the MRI machine, people may feel less intimidated and anxious as it offers a less intimidating healthcare experience. It is also important to note that if you are anxious about your MRI, the staff is always nearby in case you need them. Even though the Orlando radiology staff will not be in the same room with you during your test, they can see you and communicate with you through a speaker or intercom.

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