Become a Functional Medical Practitioner

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Health


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Many people can improve their quality of life with lifestyle intervention. However, lifestyle changes can be difficult for many people. Providing clients with the education and tools they need to make these changes and restore their health is what functional medicine is about.

Millions of people are looking for answers to their medical issues and want to healthcare providers who can work with them to provide solutions to their chronic problems. Medical professionals who embrace functional medicine can better treat their chronic conditions.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine teaches people the principles and techniques they need to make these all-important changes in their lives. This includes the evaluation of the client’s diet, nutrition, and exercise, the use of botanical supplements and detoxification remedies, and applying stress management techniques.

Functional medicine integrates traditional healthcare with holistic arts to focus on disease prevention. It is particularly helpful for chronically ill clients who are being treated by different specialists. There are almost fifty major hospitals in the U.S. that offer functional medicine.

Functional Medicine Courses

Function medicine courses involve clinical nutrition, functional medicine approach, fitness and weight management, blood chemistry, and wellness counseling.

Functional medicine programs are reserved for a board certified or licensed practitioners that have completed courses in anatomy, chemistry, natural health and nutrition, and pathology.

Functional medicine works in conjunction with traditional healthcare to provide the most comprehensive care for their clients. The training and education practitioners receive from their functional medicine courses allow them to better effectively serve their clients.

Functional medicine is expanding in the United States. If you are interested in expanding your practice, look into functional medicine courses. Adding functional medicine to your repertoire of certifications opens up a lot of opportunities for you to serve your clients and provide additional health care solutions.

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