Balance Issues and Audiologists in Lancaster, PA

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Health


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Poor balance does not always affect elderly people or someone with an obvious illness. It is not about being clumsy or out of shape. Problems with the inner ear are often to blame when people are unsteady or feeling dizzy. Everyone experiences this type of issue at some point. A bad cold or ear infection are usually to blame, but audiologist in Lancaster, PA use their knowledge and resources to assist patients that chronically suffer from this uncomfortable experience.

When should people get help?

Balance problems related to a cold or flu should disappear when the virus is gone. If the problem does not go away, or if there was no underlying illness, assistance is needed. The problem is not always a feeling of spinning or dizziness. Some people feel faint or as if they are floating, they may feel unsteady on their feet and be easily confused. In some cases, the individual will have vision problems too. A doctor appointment is needed for anyone experiencing these symptoms over the course of more than a couple of days or having episodes that appear and then go away only to come back.

What type of help is available?

Audiologists in Lancaster, PA evaluate the patient to determine the cause. Sometimes the solution is something as simple as excessive ear wax or the need to install tubes to drain fluid in the ear. A previously undetected infection will require antibiotics. In some instances, the problem could be with the structure of the ear canal, and surgery is required. The first step is always a comprehensive examination.

Is a referral needed to see an audiologist?

Any patient with an ear, nose or throat related health concern can contact an audiologist directly, but some insurance companies will only pay if a referral is provided by a family physician. It is important to contact the insurance company about their policy before scheduling an appointment.

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