Back Pain Can Be Treated With Methods Like Discgraphy

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Health Care


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Constant pain can limit a person’s life enjoyment, interfere with quality sleep, and cause depression. There are pain management clinics who can help a person manage or reduce chronic pain with innovative treatments and lifestyle changes. Some types of pain can be caused by conditions that can be successfully treated, while others are permanent, but can be treated to lessen the pain. A visit to a pain clinic can be the first step to a better life with less pain.

It is important to do a little investigating to find the best clinic for the treatment of one’s pain causing condition. A good place to start might be By going to websites for pain clinics a person can see what each has to offer, then make some choices, before making any calls or appointments. Once a choice has been made, the person can make an appointment online or by phone to discuss pain causes and treatment options. On the first appointment, the patient should bring all previous treatment records, doctor’s notes, MRI and X-ray reports, and a medication list. This helps the doctor complete a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical condition and pain problems. If these records are not in the patient’s possession, the clinic can assist the person in obtaining them. Once an examination has been performed and these records studied, the doctor can outline for the patient what is causing the pain and what treatments might be helpful. The doctor and patient can work together to plan a comprehensive treatment plan that can involve Discotherapy or other innovative treatment options.

Some Conditions That Cause Chronic Pain

      *      Injuries from accidents or sports to the neck, back, or spine

      *      Sciatica

      *      Degenerated disc or joint disorders

      *      Complex regional pain syndromes

      *      Shingles

      *      Tennis or golf specific injuries

      *      Arthritis

      *      Pre or post surgery conditions

      *      Neck problems and headaches

      *      Opioid dependency

There are many causes of pain and there are many treatments available such as Discography for different kinds of back pain, epidural nerve blocks, radiofrequency neurotomy, spinal cord stimulation, stem cell therapy, and facet joint injections. There are many condition-specific treatments and therapies that can involve nutritional balance advice, hormonal balance evaluation and correction, exercise plans, and coordination with other medical specialists. This integrative approach to pain medicine contributes to better results. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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